NCS Project- Super Cycle Heroes

Having two military bases, The Connaught Barracks and the now inactive Grand Shaft, Dover is home to numerous servicemen and their families in particular the 3rd Parachute Regiment. Due to this there is a strong sense of support for British soldiers in the community.

For eighteen teenagers participating in the O2 Think Big project this is a chance to give back and show their gratitude to these soldiers who risk everything in serving their nation. Brainstorming ideas and possibly influenced by the recent road cycle race in the Olympics the group came up with a sponsored 60+ mile bike ride. The twist is that this would be conducted in superhero costumes. That’s right, an eighteen strong group dubbed The Super Cycle Heroes dressed in potentially tight lycra, and leather one pieces in the unpredictable blazing heat of the British summer or typical down pour of rain. Hopefully, the appeal of pro-active young people would attract a significant amount of sponsors. If not then perhaps the idea of watching a few teenagers suffer might a raise a few donations to push them even further.

The funds raised from the event would then go towards the rehabilitation center in Colchester via the army based charity, Help for Heroes where local former servicemen from the southeast of Kent would seek help from. The intention is that the money would then be used to aid those that now need to adjust to post war life due to physical and mental traumas. Whether this project becomes the success we all hope it to be really comes down to sponsorships. However, with the lack of promotion I’m unsure whether if there is enough awareness and support for the campaign especially when the event is taking place in five days time.


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