Super Sucess

 It’s just about ten to nine. The sun is up and at what already seems like it’s very brightest. In the midst of the morning haze you can just about hear the the zippy squawks of some rowdy seagulls along the bottom of the coastline. A little further up the road lies a cluster of bikes and group of 18 masked vigilantes. Spiderman, Spider Girl, Batman, Robin, Superman, Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, a transformer, Iron Man and Zorro. Everyone is on the scene. From the Mario Brothers to villians like The Joker and his love interest Harley Quinn. The list is endless.  Some are still half asleep. Some are hastily checking their bat mobiles and super cycles. While the others are posing for the cameras.

For the next seven hours all of them would be cycling relays along the Sandgate seaside, and “sweaty” wouldn’t even be the word to describe what each of them looked and felt like by four in the afternoon in the blistering heat.

Slowly sun fried with the oddest tan lines ending from the head to the neck, our heroes continued in the complete vice versa predicted to be”cloudly and rainy” weather. While hours passed, the crowds grew on the beach. Children squealed in delight seeing each of the sImageuperheroes as they bellowed out they’re “off to save the world”. Just as they speed past one could just hear the gasping of a small child as he realised what these vigilantes are to do and the two words “thank you!” Sounds highly exaggerated but that’s exactly what happened!

During breaks, donations were collected in money boxes raising to roughly £400-500 including sponsorships. The group re-hydrated and snacked on donated goods from the local businesses and families in Dover. Coming close to the end of the day, amusingly two parents were armed with a range of foods from nectarines to chicken stripes to recover any hungry heroes.

A huge thank you goes out to all the parents that handled the punctures and problems with the bikes, as well as drivers and families that cheered for The SuperCycle Heroes. The support was amazing which made the event such a success.

The only shame is that by the end of it everyone were too tired to take a group photo! We’ll have to make do with whatever was taken in the morning.


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