The end of freedom

The most depressing thing in August is probably rainy days, school uniform and stationary sales. That and also people selling Christmas cards right in the middle of summer. It’s a travesty. I genuinely refuse to acknowledge the end of this season for several reasons.

One, I have a to go back to school which generally involves early morning panic attacks and sprints to catch the school train. In addition, because I’m considered as an “adult” now I’m forced into paying stupidly expensive travel fares. It takes three minutes, four maximum but costs £3.40. I mean the seat’s barely even warmed up. It’s extortion. Ticket guards should feel guilty taking away my money.  Anyhow back to my original point, it’s my last year and as cliche as it sounds it’s pretty much make or break it now, especially with applying to universities and writing that damned personal statement. Ok, I lied earlier. Writing your personal statement is probably the most depressing thing ever. I was attempting to begin it by noting down my achievements. The disheartening and slightly concerning problem is in the past seventeen years of my life I’ve done nothing. Nothing worth mentioning at all.

Two, I loathe autumn. The days are shorter and though the clocks are set back one hour early I feel I never have enough time. I just want to sleep. But with school, driving lessons and finding some sort of work experience for journalism it looks like this luxury will have to go amiss. During the autumn to winter period I usually look like a walking zombie that hasn’t washed for half year.

Three, it is so cold! I’m pretty sure I talk about the weather in all my posts. You’ll realise I’m very typically English. Our two main conversation topics are either based on the weather or tea. Anyway, I think the the climate in England has gradually worsened over the past few years. Since 2009 it snows ever winter. Sure, it looked kind of magical at first like a someone had just unfolded a huge white carpet over the town. You could probably build a snowman or two. But when it starts to melt that’s an entirely different story. The snow turns into dirty grey sludge. The pavements and roads become mucky. My journey to school is an icy deathtrap.

I wrote this article about a week ago but being so side tracked I never got to finish it. I got to the third point and completely forgot what I was ranting about. Hope it still makes some sense!


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