Guess what?!

I’ve started driving! Woohoooooo! Well technically I started about a month ago but didn’t really have the time to write about it. Anyway, it’s been going pretty well for these past few lessons. At the start though, I think I had some sort of death wish lying in my subconsciousness, probably influenced by all my driving experience racked up by playing bumper cars or Crash Burnout on the old PS2. For instance I would be driving casually then make a sudden steer towards a large moving van. Needless to say my driving instructor was worried. However, while at the risk of sounding incredibly smug, I think I’ve made quite good improvements. I haven’t run anything over, which is always a plus, considering the majority of cats and pigeons in the area are on a suicide mission here. They just sit in the middle of roads and stare you out like it’s some test of who has bigger balls of steel. Usually it’s the pigeons that win.

All in all, driving is quite fun (as well as extremely dangerous). Living in England, especially in small towns, means you can’t get anywhere without a car. Public transport here is terrible. Even in London the tubes are nothing compared to those in Hong Kong and it’s more expensive. I could spend half a century complaining about the service and price so I’m gonna sign off now! Maybe in a few months I’ll be posting about passing my driving practical ;) Fingers crossed!


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