Dream, reality and a lot of bees – the liberal leftist

Life is simple. The idea that if you truly work hard enough anything is achievable. With the commitment and drive you could be anything you want to be. The American Dream is within anybody’s reach regardless of background, gender or race.

However, such a notion seems too idealistic nowadays. It’s not that the lower and poorer classes aren’t work hard enough. One in seven Americans living on food stamps over 41% are in employment. Low skilled workers are paid on wages that are not sustainable. Wealth is confined to the increasingly affluent of the American population who are able to use this money to lobby politicians and advance policies in their favour. Small government and low taxes. Currently, 400 super rich Americans control more wealth than 150 million people – half of the nation. CEOs earn 231 times more than the average worker compared to only 20 times in 1965. The money isn’t really going back into society. Tax rates are at an all time low for the rich dropping by 25% in the last two decades. Low taxes equals less government spending to boost the economy, less welfare programmes and schemes to support the needy. With rising university and college fees up to 500% since the 1980s, the very mechanisms to attain a high paying job and break out of poverty are diminishing. The expenses act as a disincentive to deterred students from pursuing a degree and those that do carry a huge financial burden on their shoulders.

Just a lot of incoherent extreme left rambling. Wanted to do a quick post but it just came out as an overload of statistics from politics!

The bee part of the title was from a really weird dream I had the other day. My bedroom became some sort of nesting ground for the little black and yellow fuzzballs of stinging doom. I think it was mating season or something similar – kind of odd, I know, considering it’s December. Anyway, I resorted to using plastic packaging tubs to trap each pair of bees (in the dream there were loads of female bees rather than one queen) and transport them to the airing cupboard where the little winged spawns of Satan were suffocated to death. Both logic and my sense of compassion took a huge downturn in this dream. Just hoping this scenario will never happen in reality.


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