Decisions, Actions and Consequences

I don’t understand.

The 27 victims did not deserve to have their lives cut short the way they had. The school children of Sandy Hook elementary – no. No one at all should not have had to witness such a nightmare. The families and friends of the victims should not be going through this experience.

I can’t comprehend how tormented one has to be to end to pick up a gun, kill your mother then attack a school full of children and their teachers. I mean, even with mental problems, there has to be some level of consciousness streaming through Adam Lanza’s mind – an awareness of what he was doing and that in no shape or form was it the right, acceptable or moral thing to do. But he still carried it out and drove 20 miles to meet his victims. This wasn’t an irrational, spur of the moment decision. He had time to think before committing to such a crime, and his decision has caused the devastation of so many people.That’s what I can’t grasp hold of. There were no motivations or possible gains from doing what he did. So why?

What has become of our society that we’ve allowed such hate and pain to build up and inflicted on others? Firearms has given humanity the swift and easy means to kill but it still depends on people. We make the decision to shoot not the gun.





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