I just came to say hello

*cue Solveig and Dragonnette soundtrack*

So hello hello hello. (Please excuse the cheesy opening. I just like the song)

Anyway, we need to talk. I think there’s some communication problems between us. By that I mean we’ve stopped greeting each other. And by that I mean we walk past so many people each day and, truthfully, how many us take the time to smile and say “hello”. Just a few seconds to acknowledge and recognize another person. It really isn’t much but it’s a nice simple gesture which can go a long way. Of course, I can’t promise any life long friendships from it but it’s the first step. Moreover if it’s genuine enough it gets passed from person to person creating this almost domino effect. For someone in a new and unknown environment, it’s a welcoming, friendly and probably comforting gesture. The more I think about it the more basic it seems yet we’ve all underrated the value of “hello”.

Technologically, we have more methods to communicate than ever before but physically we’ve grown more detached and impersonal. This isn’t to say that we should go around attaching ourselves onto strangers in a full body lock. Just smile and say hello. It’s not hard. Maybe even throw in a friendly nod of acknowledgement if you’re feeling adventurous.


Just do it. You can’t go wrong listening to penguins :)


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