The guessing game

Okay, cue the sexy scarlet hurrying through an almost endless corridor. Hair undone. Barely clothed. The loose silky touches of her dress are trailing in free flow. She falls into a passionate embrace with a tall dark haired man, who is conveniently just as beautiful as she is. The scene blurs, shifting in and out of focus with  hot guy leaning, breathing and inhaling in the scent of Beauty’s swan like neck. A pale white owl glides across the screen. Brad Pitt vacillates on inevitability and completely hones the image of a mentally lost tramp to perfection in some dark and shady looking corner.

Perfume adverts have never made any sense to me. In a way, half of the time watching them, it does feel like a guessing game. Of course this feeling is nothing new but I just felt like sharing particularly after seeing Pitt’s Chanel advert. Fragrance is definitely not an easy product to market, especially through television, when its main selling point relies on the sense of smell. Sure, I understand the sensual/erotic/x rated approach in commercialising scents to evoke this idea of desirability. But Pitt’s ad feels and looks like a homeless renege lecturing me on my future and the profound meaning of life. It’s nonsensical. The concept is blank boring and tired – something you definitely don’t want to smell of.

I’m probably taking this on a way too extreme level. Time to stop.


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