The step towards equality


Far from Justice Scalia’s view, the US Constitution is alive and chugging away like the well oiled red, white and blue machine it is. And evidently from the notable cases of Fisher v University of Texas and Windsor v United States, the Supreme Court has been working hard in keeping the Constitution in tact.

Views on Fisher v Texas 2013

As a bleeding heart liberal, I’m a major advocate of affirmative action. Considering the vast economical and social disparity between African Americans and non Hispanic whites exemplified by the approximately $20,000 annual household income gap (2010 US Census Bureau) I think there needs to be something to level out such clear racial imbalances of society. Although one could argue that model migrants, most notably evinced by Asian Americans who effectively outperform all racial groups with 42% of Asian adults holding a college degree, have achieved success without the helping hand of  the federal government the circumstances in which such minorities have been placed in are different – Asian Americans have simply not received the same level discrimination and prejudice as African Americans. Obviously, affirmative action shouldn’t be used as a remedy to historical wrongs as ruled in the SC case of Regents v Bakke. In providing preferential treatment towards certain minorities, other racial groups are placed at an unjust disadvantage because of ethnicity. Put it this way, a wealthy black student is effectively offered a place at a university at the unfair discrimination of a poor white student with the same grades. Evidently, the system in providing these head start programmes needs some tweaking. And I think, in view of 7-1 ruling in Fisher v Texas to remand the case to a lower court suggests the affirmative action will not be erased as of yet but rather refined of its current problems to possibly affirmative action based economical disadvantage.

Views on Hollingsworth v Perry and Windsor v United States 2013

Ooo haven’t looked into this properly yet so prepare for an update!


3 Comments on “The step towards equality”

    • Thanks for reading! I wrote this so long ago I almost forgot about it.
      Reverse discrimination comes from good means but it creates dangerous double standards in society where white kids are punished for historical wrongs made generations ago. Affirmative action is necessary but it needs to be refined in a way that doesn’t perpetuate racial prejudice.

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