Cliches and extra Cheese please

Growing up,  I had two dreams. The first was to fly. I’m talking big fluffy wings tucked behind my back kind of flying. Or own a Pegasus / dragon that expanded and shrunk to pocket size on command. Since my house was probably about a 10/15 minute walk from school, something with wings and, at the same time, shrinkable would be very handy. Thinking about it, the four year old me was a fairly practical child. I couldn’t leave my mythical horse in the school car park. That would have been a very silly mistake.

My second dream was to change the world for good. (The stench of cheese is strong in this post. I warned you) Make a difference. Help people. Horribly idealistic ideas and very often I’m embarrassed to tell people what I want to do.  Maybe this was due to watching too many reruns of Mulan. In a way I wanted and, still do, to be my own hero. I never believed in the fairytale ending. There was something incomplete about it. I mean, Prince Ferdinand is practically a stranger. He jumps onto the screen, plucks Snow White from her comatose, sits her on a horse and walks her off into the sunset/ or to some pretty green forests in the far distance (I don’t quite remember) all in less than 10 minute screen time. I just didn’t get it.

So, needless to say me bashing complete and utter nonsense on my laptop on a mildly warm summer evening (I’m in the UK. At 14 degrees this is pretty much as good as it gets) neither of my two dreams have been realised. But I’m working on it.


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Image 2:


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