Blogging 101: Who am I and why I blog

I am an immensely shy person. No kidding.

I also moult like a cat when I’m in serious need of a haircut. That was probably too much information. But I promise you this grotesque over sharing is completely relevant.

Growing up, I would wait until my older sister would get a haircut just so I could avoid going alone to the hairdressers. Talk about first world problems but that’s how socially inept I was. The idea of making awkward small talk filled me with complete and utter dread.  Yet having endured years of my Asian mother’s “wok” style hairchop and the disastrous experiences of my hereditary scissor happy mentality – to get a haircut at home was not an option.

However, after months of looking like the Grudge when my sister left for university, I finally plucked up the courage to get a haircut alone. But this time I was mentally prepped and ready. Like any rational 13 year old, I wrote a list. A series of careful thought up questions that could keep my hairdresser talking nonstop for a good 45 minutes – the entire duration of one haircut. This way I wouldn’t have to keep up the conversation by actually talking. In my head my hairdresser was the interviewee and I was a journalist. For the introverted me, it like a new found power.

And that’s kind of how I got into writing.  I have so much to say but, more often than not, I lack the confidence to speak up – unless I’m angry then all kinds of hell breaks loose. Paper scrunching, keypad warrior and timely incoherent outbursts of “AGREAAHFH” you get the drift. But through blogging, I’m slowly learning to share and develop these thoughts.

So tell me, why do you write?


2 Comments on “Blogging 101: Who am I and why I blog”

  1. That’s great you’re sharing your story with us! You are brave. Keep up! I’ll definitely stop by to check your blog.

  2. Ahaha I think most parents that get too scissor happy tries to reason that the more they cut off now the longer the time gap before the next haircut! Hope your haircut went well ;)

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