It’s a wrap: See Ya 2017, Hello 2018

Bam. There goes 365 unseemingly uneventful days. Like everything, there were definite lows and some high points. But it’s through these experiences whether good or bad that enable us to grow and add to the memories to which we hold dear. So here’s my defining/most memorable moments;


Chocolate somehow tastes better when it’s free and with good company. My first time exploring M&M world in London

    • Reconnecting with friends. In 2016, I quit Facebook for my own mental health and subsequently a lot of friends and brief aquaintances – an essential clean break. However, unplugging made me realise that there were also good friends that I had suddenly ghosted for months who were left hurt and confused.

    • I saw All Time Low and Ed Sheeran live! Throughout my adolescent years, punk rock had been my fallback and release for that bubble of teen angst. Seeing ALT was almost as if I turned 15 again and a reminder of how I’ve matured since then.



  • Exploring new and old places. I went back to Hong Kong then visited Macau for the first time with my family. There, we saw close friends and family whom my parents have not seen for many years. Some of whom passed away later on this year. But truthfully, I’m grateful that we managed to see them before it was too late – happy and healthy for the most part.


  • I was hospitalised briefly for the first time. I had surgery in November and while it was overall a safe procedure, the worst thing was having my parents worried. The evening prior to surgery, the staff made sure I had enough to eat and that I had enough fluids. The patient across my bed kindly introduced herself and explained that after her fourth admission this month hopefully she’ll be able to return home for good. I soon began to recognise the helplessness of the older patients in my ward, bedbound and reliant on a nurse to set up a bedpan. I saw the resilence of the hospital staff despite pressure and several accounts of abuse from patients (from my perspective anyway).


  • Getting fitter and healthier. I signed up for a one week military bootcamp and it was not short from hell. I was physically and mentally battered. My hands blazed with blisters from carrying heavy ladened stretchers. Every morning began with a 7AM, five kilometer run – and that was the easy part. My saving grace were the other ladies on the camp. Each one had their own weightloss journey with the same end goals which united us as a team and fight for what we wanted. Afterall we were “only one workout away from the next meal”.

    My New Year Resolutions

  • Keep up my fitness levels – Go running or cycling for at least 2 hours a week.
  • Read more – 30 minutes of reading every evening
  • Be more sociable – reply to messages by the next day
  • Be humble – recognise my own bias and listen to hear what others have to stay rather than respond.

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